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Call or email us at 516-783-4610 apanassau@gmail.com

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Weekly Fees
Weekly fees are $40 per week, per team, regardless of how many matches are played. Payments should be made payable to Ed and/or Laura Stein and mailed the day after play.

Score Sheet Procedures
Please email a scan of your score sheet AND then mail the original with payment the day after play to avoid penalty points and to keep all stats up-to-date. Score sheets are processed 4 days from your day of play. If your sheet and or payment is not accounted for, your team will be assessed 1 penalty point in 8-Ball ands 10 points in 9-Ball. Points will not be given back. Makeup matches do not fall under this rule.

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Nights of play available
Monday 8-Ball
Tuesday 8/9 Combo
Wednesday 8-Ball
Wednesday 8/9 Combo
Thursday 9-Ball
Friday 9-Ball
Sunday 8/9 Combo
Sunday 8-Ball

Join the league that has over 250,000 members in the US and Canada.
We've been around over 20 years in Nassau County.

Start a team with at least 4 new APA members and you will receive a Pool Cue and Case. Call for details on this promotion 516-783-4610 Monday through Saturday 10 am to 6 pm. Call us for other promotions and rewards.

We run an amateur pool league. We need players of all abilities-good and not so good. Teams play for trophies and cash. Top teams after the LI Cup Championship in June advance to Las Vegas to play in the Nationals in August.

This is a players league as well as a bar league. The players benefit by having more opportunities for recognized play 8-ball Singles Classic, 9-ball Shoot Out, APA 9-ball League, Camel Speed Shot, 3-man Unlimited Handicap Competition, Scotch Doubles, Jack and Jill Scotch Doubles as well as the National Team Tournaments for 8- and 9-ball.

The total purse is over $1 million guaranteed cash and prizes each year!


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